Planning a party?
Chikato Bros. will take care of your ice needs. Our polite and courteous driver will be on-time and deliver the ice exactly where you would like it.

Our Beverage Ice is crystal clear and is perfect for chilling beverages and cocktails. We also offer Crushed Ice for blended drinks and food displays.



How much ice to order?
Beer/Wine/Soda service: 2 pounds per person
Cocktail service: 2.5 pounds per person
Sit-down meal & cocktail service: 3 pounds per person

Naturally the above estimates will vary with the weather, length of party and storage conditions. Our minimum order for delivery is 320 pounds (eight 40lb bags). Smaller quantities can be picked up at our Public Ice Dock.

Need help with how much to order? Call Chikato Bros. and we’ll help you estimate how much ice you’ll need and provide a price quote.

Call (855) 422-2282. 24 hours, 7 days a week!